Face to Faith

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This collection of poems was written during a two-year courageous battle against cancer. Aileen wrote her first poem “My Jaw Muscle and I” shortly after a major operation which replaced her diseased right jaw with a titanium strip and bone grafted from her hip.

However, illness did not prevent her from taking a keen interest in what was happening in the world. She wrote about the contrast between the world of poverty and that of the rich when scandals of the British royal family occupied much of the media here. Illness also did not prevent her from reflecting on the sufferings of others and the senselessness of war.

Aileen wrote this collection in two notebooks but she never had a chance to review most of these poems as she passed away before the book was published.

About the Author

Aileen Lau Guek Lin had a rich and varied career as a classroom teacher, textbook writer, curriculum specialist inspector and language researcher. She was awarded the National Day Efficiency Medal in 1993.



Face to Faith

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Aileen Lau