Kepulauan: A Collection of Poems

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Kepulauan: A Collection of Poems is a refreshing anthology capturing the spirit of diversity in an archipelago of poetic expression. Birthed from the poetry workshops in Nanyang Technological University’s Creative Writing Programme under the mentorship of established writers, such as Boey Kim Cheng and Jennifer Crawford, Kepulauan showcases the best works of promising young poets who have come up with fresh ways of reading Singapore and the wider world.

The majority of these poems are selected from the work of the undergraduate students in Dr Boey Kim Cheng’s Creative Writing: Poetry (2013) class, with the rest of the poems contributed by undergraduate students in Dr Jennifer Crawford’s Advanced Creative Writing (2013) class, as well as by other undergraduate and postgraduate students and a faculty member in the Division of English.

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Kepulauan: A Collection of Poems

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“Deserving to be heard, these fresh voices carry a passion that will energise their peers (and perhaps their mentors too) to keep on keeping on.” ‒ Yong Shu Hoong, author of The Viewing Party and former writer-in-residence at Nanyang Technological University

“These are distinct and varied voices that delight, thrill and comfort, marvellous poems behind which can be glimpsed young lives full of ardour and questioning, a community of passionate and gifted poets making up what Yeats calls ‘a singing school.’” ‒ Boey Kim Cheng, author of Clear Brightness and former writer-in-residence at Nanyang Technological University

“The poems ... hold together an alluring effect of compelling a change in our response to the lived world, of bright-eyed acceptance of a world still with much to offer to the imagination, if nothing else.” ‒ Lim Lee Ching, Singapore Review of Books


Zhang Jieqiang, Hidhir Razak, Marcus Tan Yi-hern