Light and Its Shadow

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Light and Its Shadow is the riveting story of Olive and Spider, two women whose lives bridge the 20th century. Mysteries and intricacies from their personal histories intertwine with the culture at large - from the rise of consumerism, electricity, the atom bomb, and the Internet to the nature of light itself. The range is at once immense and intimate.

This is also the first novel that Ethos Books has published with an American writer. Shelley's other novel, The Shape of Wilderness was published to great acclaim.




Light and Its Shadow

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"Shelley Berc skillfully uses the conceit of light and shadow to reveal the chiaroscuro of human relationships: the instinctive desire for love, stability, and the understanding of loss. In Olive Sutton, Shelley Berc has created a remarkable character who opens another window onto the conundrum of suffering and success, materiality and sensuality, and the secret life lived just beneath the skin." - Patricia Foster, author of All the Lost Girls

"Fearless in crossing boundaries of fiction, philosophy and natural history, this is as much a novel about light as it is of two women's lives, told with breathtaking originality." - Meredith Stricker, author of Tenderness Shore

"Ms. Berc's America is a mythical place where the wilderness is both Edenic and darkly menacing, filled with characters who are at once surreal and rooted in the everyday. The Shape of Wilderness takes readers into a fantastical world of unusual sensuality and invention. A strange and potent book." - New York Times Book Review, Andrea Barnet


Shelley Berc