My Burning Hill

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My Burning Hill is a long poem in fifty-six sections. Dr Rosaly Puthucheary wrote this long poem while taking on the perspective of her late brother, Dr James Puthucheary who played a major role in Singapore’s fight for independence from the British. Dr Rosaly puts into lyrical form, the motivation and actions of the towering figure of a man driven by a great purpose.

In this reflective and retrospective musing, the writer moves from one pertinent moment in the political history of Singapore since 1942 to another. By interlacing these political events with the depth of memory, the writer exalts the significance of each moment, both pleasant and unpleasant. The reader will also understand the sacrifices and struggles that are expected from individuals who have dedicated their lives to a great purpose.


My Burning Hill

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Rosaly Puthucheary