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by David Leo


“Sam could weave a story in every face that he saw passing through Changi Airport…” (“Trick or Treat”).

The same can be said of David Leo, his creator, who can spin a mean tale from daily observations or encounters with people. In News at Nine, Leo fleshes out the stories behind the simplified reporting we watch each day over the television. By telling the stories of the Every man, he unveils life’s tinges of grey and the similarities and differences between each of us. These tales will burrow deep into your psyche, swirl around your consciousness, demand for attention and thought, and in the end, redefine your experience of watching the news bulletin.

About the Author

David Leo is a compulsive writer in love with the written word. He has produced a wide repertoire of works that include poetry and prose. He was awarded the Publisher’s Prize for fiction (Ah... The Fragrance of Durians), NBDCS commendation (The Sins of the Fathers & Other Stories) and Singapore Literature Prize commendation (Wives, Lovers & Other Women). A fourth collection of short stories (News At Nine) is a recommended secondary school text.

Some of his short stories have been adapted for the stage and television. In 2003, two of his short stories, “Picnic” and “The Story of a Good Man” were adapted for MediaCorp TV12’s The Singapore Short Story Project.

Leo was also a judge in the nation’s prestigious NAC/SPH Golden Point Award competition for short stories in English in 2001. Between books, Leo writes commentaries on a wide range of subjects but specialises in aviation and customer service as a freelance columnist. He also enjoys travelling, swimming and word puzzles. A nature lover, he abhors cruelty to animals.

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ISBN: 981-04-8482-8
Published: 2003
Dimension: 130mm x 203mm
Extent: 228
Finish: Paperback



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