Saga Seeds by Patricia Maria de Souza
Saga Seeds by Patricia Maria de Souza

Saga Seeds

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by Patricia Maria de Souza

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Saga Seeds is Patricia Maria Tan's latest poetry collection. The title of her book refers most aptly to her poems, taut red beads of memory and observation. Nostalgic references such as masak masak transport readers to a time when children played five stones and games involving pure imagination. The personal recollections serve as a tribute to Singapore and our collective memories. We also find poems alive with the beauty of simple folk and nature, and poems awake to darker moods and events. Throughout the lyrical excursion, readers are borne by the poet's steady and reassuring voice, into the intricacies of introspection, and towards a fuller appreciation of the exquisiteness of everyday moments.

About the Author

Saga Seeds is Patricia Maria de Souza's third book of poems. Her poetry has been featured in Sound of Mind. She had previously published under the name Patricia M Tan for younger readers, Spot and I and Poems To Grow Up With. Teaching has been her first love, having taught at Raffles Girls' Primary School for 13 years, before moving on to curriculum work and retiring as a literature teacher. She has also written stories and travel articles. Just as her story-writing progressed from children's stories to tales for adults, so too did her poems.


"What moves me most about this collection by Patricia Maria de Souza is its treasure of memories drawn from a life-time's reflection and observation.... It is something of a relief to come to writing as down to earth as this."
—Anne Lee Tzu Pheng, Poet and Singapore Cultural Medallion Winner

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ISBN: 978-981-07-9482-8
Published: 2014
Dimension: 120mm x 200mm
Extent: 100
Finish: Paperback



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