Silly Snigger Stripe Riper

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How did a tiger get his name – Silly Snigger Stripe Riper? His adventures in a jungle, deep, deep in Asia, are inter-woven with those of two hunters. One can take this as a warm tale of family, friendship and community ties, to be read with child-like delight. Or simply, snigger and enjoy the narration accompanied by animation done by two young talents based on Amy’s original illustrations.

This fully illustrated children’s tale can be read at several levels. The multi-media CD accompanying the book comes with cued subtitles faithfully following the text. Suitable for advanced readers from 3 years old and upwards, this edition is also suitable for early learners and as a resource for learning support in schools.

Silly Snigger Stripe Riper is the first young people's title published under the Ethos Books imprint. It is also Amy's maiden publication.

About the Author

Amy J. Cheng is a well-known Singaporean film, stage, TV actress who loves story-telling. She wrote and illustrated this maiden effort, based on a play by R. Chandran. Co-incidentally they are married to one another.

Amy weaves stories for young children, conducts drama workshops for all who are interested, sings for those who will listen, and cooks adventurous meals for the family.

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ISBN: 978-981-05-9003-1
Published: 2007
Dimension: 220mm x 270mm
Extent: 24
Finish: Paperback


Silly Snigger Stripe Riper

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Amy J. Cheng