Singapore Siu Dai 2: The SG Conversation Upsize!

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Bolder and edgier! Felix Cheong's follow-up to Singapore Siu Dai finds him poking his pen once again in topical issues. And he doesn't shy away from spoofing highly-paid ministers and asking tough questions. Like: Are we really a nation of top problem solvers? What if Sentosa Cove becomes a rich man's republic? Singapore Siu Dai 2 will delight you with its off beat humour and its short, sweet and sharp storytelling.



Singapore Siu Dai 2: The SG Conversation Upsize!

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"The chatter, mutterings, moans and groans you hear every day on this crowded island? Felix Cheong filters them through the coffee sock and serves up a distilled and compact punch of sharp observations on the real Singapore Conversation. But don't let the refreshing economy of the language he uses fool you..." - Benjamin "Mr Miyagi" Lee

"Funny. Irreverent. Touching. Refreshingly honest. Felix Cheong hits all the right spots. I could not stop reading from the word go, but had to stop to take a leak, I was laughing so much." - Clement Mesenas, author of The Last Great Strike and Dissident Voice

"This is a very subversive book. Following on his first one, this second one brilliantly written by Felix continues the Singapore Conversation we never had. The wit and humour will only speak to those brought up in Singapore or who knows Singapore intimately. But beneath the humour, they raise serious issues about our unique dysfunctional society. At the end of the book, I felt a great sense of foreboding of where our society is heading. Hopefully, his first and now this second book will prick the conscience of our policy thinkers." - Lee Cheok Yew, former CEO, Television Corporation of Singapore

"... Cheong pokes fun at hot-button topics that many are hesitant to discuss and admit openly. From our kiasuism to the bane of securing an apartment and the realism of celebrating Chinese New Year, no issues are left unturned. Everything is laced with scintillating wit and subtle sarcasm... His satirical work reflects the problems nestled within our lion city, made easy to digest with his quirk and veracity. " - Jovita Ang, NP Tribune


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