Sound of Mind: A Teacher-Writers Anthology of Poems and Prompts edited by Philip McConnell and Genevieve Wong front cover
Sound of Mind: A Teacher-Writers Anthology of Poems and Prompts edited by Philip McConnell and Genevieve Wong back cover

Sound of Mind: A Teacher-Writers Anthology of Poems and Prompts

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edited by Philip McConnell and Genevieve Wong

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This is an exciting offering of poems from a constellation of teacher-writers, including published and familiar authors such as Ann Ang, Ken Mizusawa, Eric Tinsay Valles, Christine Chia, Patricia Maria Tan, Heng Siok Tian, David Leo and Oliver Seet.

What makes this anthology worth the reader's precious time is more than the poets' acuity of perception, and their particularities of style; being educators, they have contributed with a view to inspiring the reader's imagination. The poems have been arranged in a manner to stimulate the creative writer in each and every reader. The English Language Institute of Singapore is proud to present this debut collection by teacher-writers in Singapore.

About the Editors

Philip McConnell is a Master Teacher at the English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS). He came to Singapore in 1991, teaching at Chung Cheng High School (Main) and Anderson Junior College before moving to Raffles Junior College, where he was in charge of the Raffles Humanities Scholarship Programme. He was appointed Master Teacher in 2008.

Philip has presented papers and workshops at many international and national conferences. His published works include chapters in Teaching the General Paper (2006); Exploring New Frontiers (2010); Teaching Literature in Singapore (2012). He has extensive experience as an actor and director and has written a number of pieces for the professional stage including adaptations of Shakespeare, dinner theatre murder mysteries and, in 2007, No Regrets: a tribute to Edith Piaf which has had three successful runs in Singapore.

Genevieve Wong is currently working in ELIS. She is pursuing a part-time Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction) at the City University of Hong Kong to fulfil a childhood dream to be a writer. Several of her stories have been published by The Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (QLRS) and Math Paper Press (forthcoming). She was a runner-up in British Council's Writing the City competition, judged by Madeleine Lee, for "Travelweary", which has been inspired by her travels. As an educator, Genevieve holds an M(Ed) in Curriculum and Teaching and has written and presented papers at numerous local and overseas conferences.


"In a world in which the young are more and more drawn into technology-induced isolation where much is received second-hand, and the real world increasingly-- in real time -- shut out, these poems offered by teachers make their point. In themselves they offer students things to see and ponder away from the smart phones and ipads; occasions to connect with minds and sensibilities that have spoken from first-hand encounters, deploying the powers of language and the imagination to present human and unique experiences."
- Anne Lee Tzu Pheng, Poet and Singapore Cultural Medallion Winner

"Penned with a touch of local flavour and context, the poems within the book are relatable and closer to the heart. These poetry artworks, contributed by our very own local teacher-writers, examined and expressed life in Singapore, providing an insightful contrast between the lifestyle of the past and present."
- Faith Khong, npTribune

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ISBN: 978-981-09-2271-9
Published: 2014
Dimension: 120mm x 200mm
Extent: 104
Finish: Paperback



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