Sufficiently Advanced? A Collection of Sci-Fi Stories

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”– Arthur C Clarke.

But what is magic? Is there someone who should be given the power to wield it and how? The scientific approach is to start by quantifying what one is talking about. In effect, a probe into the condition of sufficiency of advancement. But of what? Man? His thinking? His philosophical outlook on life?
In this collection of science fiction stories, you may find answers to this, and more.

Anders Brink, in his debut collection explores the issue whether man is sufficiently advanced in his thinking and morals, to deal with the tremendous advances in technology.

About the Author

Anders Brink is the pen name of a Singapore-based scientist, teacher and writer. He holds a Ph.D in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University and is a huge fan of science fiction stories, books and movies.


2. Animals
3. Hard Port, Easy Money
4. To the Victor go the Spoils
5. Supergliding Sharon to School
6. A Gigantic Mistake
7. The Frontier World of Lunar
8. A Gentleman of the Stars
9. What Debt is Due?
10. The Exculpation
11. Magic by Moonlight
12. The Ghost of a Chance
13. A Word from the FAMily
14. Afterword



Sufficiently Advanced? A Collection of Sci-Fi Stories

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