Tales From The ECP

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Acronyms are peculiarly Singaporean short forms created to deliver information with optimal efficiency. An acronym very familiar to Singaporeans is ECP. Extending about 20 kilometres or so, the East Coast Parkway is a vital transport channel, running parallel to another ECP for a large part of its length. It is this other ECP that Tales From The ECP celebrates. Featuring incidents set in or around the East Coast Park, the stories take us into the heart of Singaporean-ness.

East Coast Park is the unsung hero in the ten short stories in this collection. As a meeting point, it brings together people of different age, race, class and nationality. Chance encounters lead to consequences that are frequently comic, sometimes unexpected, variously touching and heart-warming. As a point of conversation, the ECP and its surrounds allow characters to reflect deeply on their sense of self, their identity, and their relationships with others who share the same space. Join Russ Soh on his narrative ride into and around the East Coast Park, and meet the many faces of the Singapore that we understand as home.

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Tales From The ECP

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"Dive into any story, and you can tell that Soh has paid careful attention to each one. Vividly described locations, well-developed characters and thoughtful, intriguing storylines are a few reasons why this book had me hooked." — Kai Yan, NP Tribune


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