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Telltale: 11 Stories

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edited by Gwee Li Sui


Telltale: 11 Stories is a targeted literature text for secondary schools in Singapore.


This anthology of short fiction presents six distinct electrifying voices from Singapore: Alfian bin Sa’at, Wena Poon, Jeffrey Lim, Tan Mei Ching, Claire Tham, and Dave Chua. The modern tales they tell are graphic, gritty, striking, and evocative. They describe experiences marked by short happiness and haunting memories, from the death of a loved one to the menacing forces of nature.

The eleven stories showcased here examine the lives of an array of complex characters. These individuals are tormented by dilemmas that nonetheless go on to shape and direct them. Telltale is an artfully sequenced collection that also includes explanatory notes and a study guide. It stands out as an informative and enriching edition that will speak to a broad range of readers today.

Telltale: 11 Stories also comes with a Study Companion.

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About the Editor

Gwee Li Sui is a literary critic, a poet, and a graphic artist. He was educated at Anglo-Chinese Secondary School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, and the National University of Singapore. He then pursued his doctorate in literature at Queen Mary, University of London, and returned to lecture at the National University of Singapore for a number of years. Topics he has written on include the Reformation, early modern science, the Enlightenment, European Romanticism, German idealism, Protestant theology, modern German literature, and literary theory.

In the area of Singaporean literature, Gwee has contributed several important articles on aspects of its poetic history up to the present. He was the editor of Telltale: Eleven Stories (2010), an anthology of short fiction presenting six distinct voices from Singapore. He also edited the volume of critical essays, Sharing Borders: Studies in Contemporary Singaporean-Malaysian Literature II (2009). Gwee also wrote Singapore’s first full-length graphic novel, Myth of the Stone, back in 1993 and published a volume of humorous verse, Who Wants to Buy a Book of Poems?, in 1998. In 2014, he published Fear No Poetry, an easy, breezy guide to reading poetry. His poems have been featured in a number of anthologies and literary journals, and his drawings are much sought after.


"This anthology was one of the books I studied for my O Level Literature paper last year. It is also the first book that introduced me to local literature, I didn't even knew stories like these even existed in pages bound with a spine... This book opened my eyes to how much more beautiful this home of mine is. Some of the short stories were really sentimental, some thought provoking, majority, relatable... I really enjoyed it. The terms we have in Singlish being on print is different. Something about that just makes me smile... Worth the in depth study - I would've done it even if I didn't have it for the paper!"
- Hazel, from Goodreads

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ISBN: 978-981-08-6152-0
Published: 2010
Dimension: 130mm x 200mm
Extent: 256
Finish: Paperback



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