Ubin Dreaming (You've Been Dreaming)

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Ubin Dreaming, as the title suggests, is in part inspired by the Arvon workshop organised by The Literary Centre and the National Arts Council. It reflects the literary aspirations of a still young nation – a dream that is continually forming and broken.

“we languish in inspired idleness

this, no place to be seeding dreams
the umbilical cord still attached”

His fourth collection, the poems are characteristic of David Leo’s earlier works; though personally experiential, the poems evoke “a quality of universality beyond their immediate milieu” (Tara Dhar Hasnain, Interlogue, Studies in Singapore Literature, Volume 2: Poetry, Ethos Books, 1999)

While he continues to explore the Singaporean identity in some of the poems, by and large David finds inspiration in almost anything – from a thunderstorm to a zucchini, underlying his love of nature and animals, and a keen observation of human behaviour. Reading his poems is like watching a painter at work at his easel – the poems quickly become visual.

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Ubin Dreaming (You've Been Dreaming)

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