When a Flower Dies

 What can we recover after a life passes on?

A novel about love, forgetting and remembering. Pansy Lim, a Peranakan  girl,  was brought up in a seaside village in colonial Singapore in the 1940s.

She inherits her mother’s love for flowers, nature, the sea, and their healing qualities. Educated by English nuns, she learns and grows to love English, literature and poetry.

We see her at the start of the novel, aged, forgetful, and desperately clinging to memories of her recently deceased husband.

Through her recollections, she remembers George Chan, the village life that they shared, and the communal past left behind by a nation always on the move.

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When a Flower Dies

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$18.60 SGD



$18.60 SGD


“When I pick up one of Josephine Chia’s books on Singapore’s past, I always know that I’m in for a treat. Josephine brings her readers back to the Singapore of the 1950s and 60s that she grew up in and, in her simple, accessible prose she realistically evokes its sights and sounds and smells. In doing so, she helps us to re-live and re-imagine those days and, in singing her song, she helps us to sing ours.” −Angeline Yap, poet and author of “Closing My Eyes to Listen”

“When it comes to historical fiction, Josephine Chia is in a class of her own. Combining beautifully history with memory, strong reality with desired fantasy, she has woven a poetical tapestry that proves engaging, even alluring. I have no doubt that this novel will appeal to readers old and young, Singaporean and non-Singaporean for it is, ultimately, about love. Love in its manifold splendour.” − Dr Kirpal Singh, author of Thinking Hats & Coloured Turbans and Director, Wee Kim Wee Centre, Singapore Management University


Josephine Chia