Wives, Lovers & Other Women


“When he wanted a cup of coffee, he just snapped his fingers, said ‘coffee’ and his wife would bring it to him. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that... man rules and woman serves. But in my house, I bring my wife coffee.”

Women and the woman’s place in a predominantly male world – as if God’s creation of Eve was an afterthought – are the focus in this award-winning collection of 15 short stories by David Leo. Misunderstood wives, women trapped by marriage and women caught in affairs with married men often are not treated fairly. The writer also takes a dig at men who, in their relationships with women, exhibit a vulnerability not infrequently attributed to the so-called weaker sex: the insecure husband, the egocentric lover and the naive wife hunter.

Wives, Lovers & Other Women was first published in 1995 after winning the Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award. One of the stories – Picnic – subsequently featured in the award-winning TV series Singapore Short Story Project.

Wives, Lovers & Other Women (2nd edition) is published under The Ethos Evergreens Series. A series that aims to keep good Singaporean literature in the public eye.

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Wives, Lovers & Other Women

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David Leo