Shrines and Streetlights

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Shrines and Streetlights signals the debut publication of poetry by a young, bright Singaporean, whose keen eye and alert spirit frame perspectives that belie a maturity beyond his age.

With a cadence that is simultaneously practiced yet fresh, a wide scope of objects are infused with poetic symbolism. Ranging from dragonflies to the moon, these poems find meaning in both the mundane and the magical; steeped in the elegant aura of observance but melancholic in a sense of loneliness and yearning. Often winding through Singaporean streets, yet finding itself in intimate moments, Shrines & Streetlights juxtaposes the old and the new, youth and age. It compares love and loss, and reconciles life and death. These themes intertwine to capture the intricacy of human realities often fraught with both passions and miseries, and most poignantly, help us understand their inextricable link.


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Shrines and Streetlights

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“It is easy to craft a poem, but to fuse into the crafted form the art that is going to give it special fire… that special spark – that is hard. And this is what makes this volume shine: art, more than mere craft, informs it and art drives it and art illuminates it.” - Kirpal Singh, Poet, critic, scholar, Author of Catwalking and The Games We Play


Ho Ren Chun